Waggle offers a wide range of competitive advantages

Waggle brings two key solutions:

  1. Capital and marketing support for projects

  2. Investment opportunities for communities

For Projects





Pre-IDO normally takes place before or at the same time with the main IDO Event of a project. Participating in a Pre-IDO means you're getting a more optimal and exclusive price ratio whether it's a Seed or Private investment, and a bigger allocation.

  • Accelerate from the start with marketing campaigns powered by a worldwide PR network

  • Be guided through early-stage development with comprehensive strategic advice

  • Effortlessly conduct token sales and streamline the post-sale process

  • Reward early supporters with access to primary tokens and educate them on market potential


Post-IDO takes place at a certain time after IDO. Normally, it's when projects have successfully reached certain milestones. You can look at Post-IDO as a Series B fundraising which is exclusively geared towards institutional investors. Now with Waggle, it's accessible to you.

  • Unlock liquidity from locked tokens before they vest to further fund project development

  • Unlock liquidity without depressing the price as transactions will occur off-exchange

  • Raise funds in a more secured and fair environment as compared to other post-IDO fundraising alternatives e.g. OTC deals

  • Empowering project’s community with vesting holdings - community and fans will become long term holders of tokens

For Communities

  • Purchase tokens with vesting schedules for long-term positions at discounted rates

  • Access token sales opportunities previously only available to selected individuals or institutional investors

  • Make informed token purchasing decisions as they will be provided in-depth fact sheets for all projects listed on Waggle

  • Able to trade vested tokens with others right on the platform

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