The Gamechanger

For the most part, Forage is an over-the-counter (OTC) marketplace that is built with a public-facing interface, providing an overview of the OTC market trends within the Waggle platform. It features an intuitive and friendly UI that enables users to navigate with ease, search for suitable investments, and trade with other users.

Normally, every OTC deal requires an escrow account to ensure a safe transaction. This costs unnecessary fees, time, and effort. Conversely, Forage has streamlined that entire process to make it more secure and convenient for all.

All transactions that occur on Forage will have no impact on the project’s secondary markets. This unlocks more liquidity without depressing the token price. Also, buyers and sellers can keep track of the vesting schedule simply by previewing the Pollinate NFT.

Waggle promises to keep bringing top-tier projects from all chains to you. As more projects come to Pollinate, the Forage marketplace will become more and more dynamic.

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