Waggle Market

Projects and their respective team members go through strict due diligence by Waggle’s Due Diligence Committee (DDC) to ensure credibility of the counterparties.
For sellers that are keen to unlock further liquidity for operational purposes, we have a Seller Portal which project teams can access to offer their tokens anonymously to the entire Waggle community. Privacy of our sellers is our top priority on the sellers’ end.
Framework of Waggle Market - how smart contract facilitates the sales of vesting tokens on Waggle Market

Waggle Dashboard

Your go-to wallet dashboard that displays your complete secondary and primary market holdings. Users can manage their crypto investments, all on one page.

Waggle Vault

Waggle will eventually deploy vaults which the community can deposit their WAG tokens to harvest from a basket of tokens from projects which have previously listed on Waggle Market.
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