Pollinators Forage

Starting with Pollinate, we have brought our community exclusive deals that were previously inaccessible to retail investors. This allows Waggle stakers and platform newcomers to enter project fundraising rounds at the same price as institutional investors. Primary investment has become a significant privilege for the Waggle Community.

However, these private investments often have a vesting term, which limits investor diversification. This is the point at which we introduce Forage as the second Lego of our ecosystem. Forage enables successful Pollinate buyers to sell their investments to others, including platform stakers who do not manage to buy and platform visitors. The connection between Pollinate and Forage dramatically increases liquidity for investors and opens vast opportunities for those who wish to be part of their favorite projects.

As we continue to enroll top-tier projects to Pollinate, the Forage marketplace will grow more vibrant. Eventually, this will result in an increasing number of platform users and a thriving ecosystem.

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