Staking Mechanics

Waggle Staking

Waggle Network adopts a basic staking model yet brings many further benefits. The amount of the WAG reward is based on the amount of WAG tokens locked by the user, and the time period the user will lock their WAG tokens for. The WAG payout reward linearly decreases with a shorter time period of lock. The WAG tokens locked can not be withdrawn before maturity. However, it is possible to extend the time-lock or increase the staked amount of WAG tokens.

The platforms offer two ways to stake its native token WAG:

Single-sided Staking (Live)

By locking WAG tokens in the staking contract with a longer lockup period, you will receive bonus WAG as rewards besides APY

  • 3 Months - 1.1x Booster

  • 6 Months - 1.3x Booster

  • 12 Months - 2.0x Booster

Liquidity Pool Staking (Under development)


Staking Service

Besides native token staking, Waggle has also added to its ecosystem Staking as a service from which we provide outstanding technical infrastructure for multi-chain staking pools that allow client projects, including projects launched by Waggle or other partners, to setup staking pools for their Utility Tokens in Waggle Hive. Additionally, Waggle staking tool offers considerable customizability and flexibility in configuration.

This function will be tremendously useful for projects that want to provide a secure and decentralized way of rewarding both single-sided and LP staking. By deploying staking pools on Waggle, client projects will also enjoyed marketing efforts conducted by Waggle to drive up traction and get more audience. Not to mention, the service is completely free-of-charge.

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