Forage Inspiration

Making illiquid assets liquid

We might already know that honey bees are one of the most social insects that exist. They live together like a family and work together as an organization. Each member of the bee colony has their own particular job. But the task that requires organized effort and contributes the most to the growth of the bee community is food collection, or shall we call it, Forage.

During the process of foraging for food, successful foragers perform the Waggle Dance to communicate and share information about food sources with other bee members. This dance performance of bees has sparked an idea for us to name our second key product which is a trading feature built for the primary market and released for the first time ever in the cryptospace.

Forage /ˈfɔːr.ɪdʒ/ a wide search over an area in order to obtain something, especially food or provisions

With the dedication to offering more value for both projects and the community, we have discovered a solution to provide further liquidity for our investors while maintaining a healthy market improvement for the project team.

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