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What is Waggle Insights?

The past year in crypto has seen some of the most innovative and exciting developments imaginable, and the overall market cap of crypto is currently sitting at a truly staggering figure of nearly $2 trillion.

Up-to-date and accurate information has become an invaluable resource for all stakeholders concerned, and we wanted to add to your Waggle Ecosystem with Waggle Insights, our all-in-one broadcasting channel for crypto-related announcements and news, not just for Waggle investors and their extended family but for all crypto enthusiasts.


Waggle Insights is an informative content hub for all things crypto. We aspire to provide our followers with updates on chain and macro analysis and in-depth insights into projects and trends. Our goal at Waggle Insights is not only to keep you informed, but to be educated and best prepared for a volatile market.

In terms of benefits for projects that are launching on Waggle Pollinate, Waggle Insights will be the bridge between project team, the community and mass audience, where projects in Waggle family will be constantly promoted and earn free traffic. This plays a crucial part in user-base development for all projects.

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