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DeFi utility for everyone

What is Waggle Utilities?

While DeFi has become the most practical usecase of crypto, the entry barrier for mainstream adoption is still high due to its complexity and diversity across multiple blockchain networks. This has driven our team to develop Waggle Utilities.

Being introduced to the Waggle Ecosystem as an indispensable element, Waggle Utilities bring you a suite of powerful toolkits that delivers a frictionless experience in DeFi utilization.

The suite of Waggle Utilities consists of 3 useful service tools:

Waggle MultisenderWaggle BulkclaimerWaggle Locker

Powerful Toolkits

Waggle Utilities are built around 3 fundamental values:


Waggle Utilities are accessible from anywhere, at any time, with no registration required. It brings the DeFi experience closer to typical finance operations by providing a user-friendly interface. This alleviates the substantial barrier for newcomers.


Waggle Utilities allows users to experience valuable toolkits in a responsive approach. To start using a utility tool in Waggle Utilities, users only need to perform maximum of 3 main steps, and there will be no service fee being charged in use.


Currently, Waggle Utilities are available on BNB Smart Chain and Solana. More chains will soon be integrated. In addition to that, our team is working on refining the current toolbox and building up new utility features for release in the upcoming months. This will onboard more and more users to the Waggle ecosystem.

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