Pollinate Inspiration

Revolutionizing how fundraising works

We have all probably seen the swirls of the golden honey bees, hovering over blooms daintily to collect nectar. This act has inspired us to be like the diligent honey bees, bringing opportunities (nectar) from the patches of flowers (projects) back to the hive (community) for our honey bee tribe. In this foraging dance, these bees also pollinate the flowers and these pollinators form the backbone of our entire ecosystem. This act of waggling has inspired our team to be like the honey bees, and eventually, this led to the birth of Waggle Network.

Committed to bringing opportunities to our community, the team at Waggle believes that the prospect of outsized yields should not be limited to an exclusive group of investors, but rather democratized to all who are keen to support their favorite projects.

Pollination /pΙ’lΙͺˈneΙͺΚƒ(Ι™)n/ is the transfer of pollen from an anther of a plant to the stigma of a plant.

Beyond that, we also want to pollinate and help our ecosystem thrive. This led to the creation of Pollinate, our fundraising platform designed to make token sales fair and accessible for everyone, and also to deliver the most value for projects that are listed on Waggle.

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