Tiered Participation


To register for the Pollinate Project whitelist with your current Tier status, your amount of staked WAG must remain unchanged until a snapshot is automatically taken by our system by the time the whitelisting phase closes.

During the whitelisting time, you can still upgrade your Tier by increasing the amount of staked WAG before the snapshot.


Minimum Staking Requirement: The total of staked $WAG you need to be eligible to participate in a particular Tier group

Whitelist Privilege Comparison Table

  • No guaranteed whitelist

  • Social tasks participation required

  • Lottery-based for Community Round

Allocation Privilege Comparison Table

  • Max allocation for Community Round

  • Compete on an FCFS basis in Community Round

Social Tasks

In order to assist client projects to gain traction and grow their audience, we encourage Pollinate Projects participants to complete a set of social tasks. In return for that, users will increase their chances of getting whitelisted in the Tier Rounds and Community Rounds respectively.

Social Tasks include:

  • Follow Telegram

  • Follow Twitter & retweet

  • Follow Discord

  • Share & earn referral tickets

  • And more

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