Tiered participation
WAG tokens are lockable on our protocol for a selectable locktime, with a maximum locktime of 1 year. By locking WAG tokens in the staking contract, the user will receive WAG balance.
The amount of the WAG balance is based on the amount of WAG tokens locked by the user, and the time period the user will lock their WAG tokens for. The WAG payout balance linearly decreases with a shorter time period of lock. The WAG tokens locked can not be withdrawn before the timelock has expired. However, it is possible to extend the timelock or increase the amount of staked WAG tokens.
WAG token qualifies the user for fee distribution, voting rights and exclusive fundraising round access. Users will have to stake a designated amount of tokens to unlock a proportionate amount of locked tokens they can purchase off Waggle Market.
There are 4 tiered participation:
  1. 1.
    Mini Bee - 100 $WAG - Max allocation: $200
  2. 2.
    Worker Bee - 1000 $WAG - Max allocation: $2,000
  3. 3.
    Drone Bee - 5000 $WAG - Guaranteed whitelist - Max allocation: $10,000
  4. 4.
    Queen Bee - 10000 $WAG - Guaranteed whitelist - Max allocation: $20,000
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