Waggle BulkClaimer

Waggle Bulkclaimer is a useful tool developed to support user with some functions:

  • Create pools with wallet addresses lists. Pool owner can customize pool informations such as pool picture, pool description and time for pool event.
  • Send tokens to the address list quickly and with low gas help user save cost and time.
  • Share and publicize sending and receiving lists to community.

How to create a pool on Waggle Bulkclaimer

STEP 1: Go to Waggle tools page at tools.waggle.network link and select Waggle Bulkclaimer. Or you can go directly here.
STEP 2: Connect your wallet on the right network. Currently, Waggle Bulkclaimer only support BSC/ETH chain with Metamask wallet & WalletConnect. In the near future, we will support Solana network.
STEP 3: After connecting your wallet, If you have created pool with our platform, your all pool are displayed here. You can click button "Add new pool" to start creating a new pool.
And If this is the first time, Let's start creating the first pool by clicking button "Create Pool".
  • "Create Pool" popup is opened, You need to fill it out necessary information for your pool. some information are required. However, the pool information can still be edited after successful creation.
  • Your pool created successfully will show up here. Your pool will display all the information that you have just provided us. However, the list of addresses in the pool is empty. Next, you need to populate the list of addresses in the pool by clicking the "Add wallet address" button.
There are 3 small step to add wallet address list:
  1. 1.
    Prepare: You need to prepare exactly list of wallet address in your pool. We will check for invalid addresses and give you a notice to help you deal with it.
  2. 2.
    Approve & Confirm: We will accurately calculate the necessary information for successful transactions. You need to check and confirm again before proceeding.
  3. 3.
    Send: Your tokens will be transferred to the list of wallet addresses in "pending state". The recipient can enter the pool to receive the amount when the pool time has come.
For detailed instructions, you can check out Waggle Sender.
Pool information cannot be edit when the pool's schedule due date is reached!
STEP 4: After creating the pool successfully. You can make the group link public. The pool will open for claiming tokens when the pool's scheduled due date is reached.

How to claim token on Waggle Bulkclaimer

You can only claim tokens from the pool when your wallet address is in the pool's address list.
  • Go to link of your pool (This link is always published by pool owner).
  • Connect your wallet to check your status in this pool. If you are in pool's address list and claiming day has come, button "Claim" is active. You click to "Claim" to claim your all token. In pool page, you can also check pool information, schedule status and wallet address list.
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